Introducing $JAM

Paving the future of the $100B+ creator economy by reimagining social media and decentralized finance.

How It Works

$JAM redefines the existing creator economy by creating a virtuous cycle between advertisers, creators, and fans (crowds). It allows us to redirect the flow of incentives away from centralized social media conglomerates that capitalize off your engagement and impressions, and back towards the creator economy that generates those engagements and socialization. Through $JAM, we unlock the ability to further incentivize engagement to benefit all stakeholders, which can directly replace otherwise lost advertising dollars.

Decentralized Finance

We combine the technological advancements of decentralized finance with real-world experiences while interweaving the ethos of autonomous cryptocurrency communities and mainstream social networking.

Exclusive Offerings

By engaging in crowds and activities in the Geojam app, $JAM token is earned by fans. $JAM can be used to support those same crowds and creators and traded for access to real-world experiences, merchandise, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s).

Community Governance

$JAM enables the community to participate and contribute in the building of the platform and guiding the creator’s contributions to bring the best user experience while bringing new features, experiences, and ideas to life in a motivating and engaging way.

Proposal Pools

Fans and creators can propose, vote, and stake to make their wildest dreams and ideas come to life. Through proposal pools, our community connects directly with creators while showing monetary backing in the form of staked $JAM.

Creator Access Pools (CAP)

The creator creates unique opportunities that will invite users to stake $JAM. A user can stake $JAM on the creator’s CAP to unlock direct access to them, experiences, tickets, merchandise, NFT’s, content, etc. Both the creator and the user earn rewards for participation.

NFTs & The Metaverse

NFTs minted on $JAM are associated with the creator’s profile, and can be displayed + utilized for our metaverse, making them inherently social, enhancing value.


Q4 2021

$JAM Community & Token Pre-Sale

  • Build Crypto Community
  • Close $5.9M Token Pre-Sale
  • Launchpads IDO (Synapse & Lattice Launchpad)
  • Smart Contract
  • 50 Show College Tour

Q1 2022

$JAM Launch on Exchanges

$JAM Token Generation Event (TGE) and token listings on Centralized (CEX) and Decentralized (DEX) exchanges.

ERC-20 with bridge to BSC and other chains.

Q1 2022

$JAM Portal

$JAM web portal will enable token holders to participate in Staking Programs including phase 1 Proposals and Creator Access Pools (CAPs) to earn $JAM, govern, and unlock access to exclusive experiences, products, NFT’s and merchandise.

Q1 2022

Develop and Test

  • Android Integration MVP
  • Test Net L_0 Token on Constellation

Q2 2022

Geojam 2.0 Launch!

Official launch of Geojam 2.0 on Android & iOS.

  • Features include: Upgraded UX/UI, Mobile Wallet, Creator/Brand Portal, Creator Access Pools, & Proposal Pools
  • L_0 Token Migration on Constellation’s Hypergraph (No gas fees)

Q3-4 2022

Create on Geojam

  • User-Generated Creator Access Pools
  • NFTs on Constellation Hypergraph
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Initial Developer & Creator Toolkit for Metaverse

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