Come Join the Band!

We’ve got a lot of crazy developments as we scale fast in the next few months. Tokenizing our platform, designing Geojam 2.0, scaling backends for communities, and wild artist campaigns – these are all challenges you will work on.

Everyone Has a Part to Play

Know your market, spot and set the trends. Welcome new users to Geojam, create viral content, ensure visibility, build community. Let’s do this – let’s jam!

Everyone Has a Part to Play Image

Our Values

Our values are more than just words on a page. They are the backbone that supports us in striving to reach our goals and mission.

Who We’re Made Of

Geojam celebrates diversity in people, background, and life experiences. For instance, our CEO and founder is a 27-year-old female who exited her first company at 20. You can find a few of our employees surfing before work. We also have artist managers, podcast fanatics, amateur chefs, and inspiring parents who balance leadership with parenthood. One thing’s for sure: we all love music.

Meet Our Team
Meet our team

We’d Love to Jam with You

We're looking for teammates who are galvanized by this challenge, who dare to root for the underdog, who are deeply thoughtful and empathetic, and who love music as a medium of social expression.

Don’t See What Your Looking For?

If you don’t see the opening that you’re looking for, email us with your resume and let us know how you can be a valuable member of the Geojam family.